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To build a better community by sharing the performing arts with all citizens of Springfield, Clark County, and the region.

Adopted May, 1998
Revised May, 2002

The Springfield Arts Council, Inc. is recognized for leading the citizens of Springfield, Clark County and the region to an enhanced appreciation of the performing arts. The youth, young adults, diverse, and underserved populations of the community are also active participants and supporters of the performing arts and regularly attend events. The Springfield Arts Council is the initiator of cooperative ventures with many organizations within the community and the region, resulting in a broad and stimulating array of arts offerings supported by substantial financial and human resources.

This is a statement of the vision the Springfield Arts Council seeks to fulfill.

Adopted 2002
Revised May 2002

The Springfield Arts Council has been charged with developing and presenting a broad program of high quality arts activities. Its mission, adopted in 1998, is to “build a better community by sharing the performing arts with all citizens of the Springfield and Clark County community.”

In doing so, the Springfield Arts Council considers these artistic goals:

  • To present those professional and non-professional artists, presentations, and activities that represent the highest quality that is available.
  • To present and preserve existing arts programs.
  • To aid, where possible, innovative programs that need not be related to established arts organizations and may be more experimental in nature.
  • To strive to provide the best performance environment for the performer and the viewer (acoustic, seating, stage, etc.).
  • To encourage professional arts management at all levels.
  • To share the arts with the greatest number of people, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, or disability.
  • To be inclusive of multi-cultural arts and other developing programs.
  • In addition to providing programming for the larger community market, to encourage and present programs that appeal to smaller markets of the community (i.e., chamber music, opera, etc.).
  • To provide supplemental arts education to the students of our community to enhance their appreciation of the artist at work.
  • To always be willing to stretch into new and unexplored areas in terms of programming, funding and management.

Adopted September 1998