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Children's TheaterArts in the Classroom enriches the cultural education of students in our public, private and parochial schools, often serving as a first introduction to performing arts for many young people. The performances expand and enhance the arts education curriculum in schools where budget constraints have reduced or eliminated performing arts programs, and make a positive impact on young people in our community.

Arts in the Classroom GRANTORS

Campbell Financial, LLC
Honda of America
Lexis Nexis
The Ohio Arts Council

Arts in the Classroom HONORARY SPONSORS

Citizens National Bank
Merchants National Bank
Clara and Brice Gordon
James and Sonya Ryhal
Security National Bank

Arts in the Classroom -Additional Donations

We thank the following donors for generously supporting Arts in the Classroom at our 2015 Salute to the Arts fundraiser on March 21, 2015.

Dee and Carl Ahlm
Barbara Barth
Brad and Laura Boyer
Todd and Katie Caserta
Gene and Carolyn Clifton
Rick Dunbar and Anne Guyton-Dunbar
David and Virginia Estrop
Basil and Claudia Fett
Greg Flax
Ed and Vicky Forrest
Corwin and Anne Georges
Brice and Clara Gordon
Cheryl and Terry Hesson
Larry Hill and Monica Miller
Thomas and Janet Jenks
Esther and Matt Manuel
Chris and Sally Moore
Pete and Peggy Noonan
Rand Oliver and Penny Profitt
Eric Powell
Tony Qhinones and Julie Netts
Phil and Candy Rinehart
Dale and Visha Ritter
Sonya Ryhal
Jerry and Kay Shell
Tim and Mary Shepherd
William and Jo Ann Stapleton
Lorie Stephenson
Elaine Stevenson and Bob Yingst
Mubin and Afshan Syed
Grant and Catherine Tuckerman
Paul and Cynthia Valente
Alan and Lisa Dickerson Watson
Bob and Dawn White
John and Daragh Wobbe

ARTS IN THE CLASSROOM brings professional performing artists to schools in Springfield and Clark County, enhancing day-to-day school room activities with exciting live performances. Be an Arts in the Classroom Sponsor! Contact Development Director Sarah McPherson at 937-324-2712 ext. 22, or email for details.