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We thank our 2016 BROADWAY IN THE PARK donors for helping us continue to present quality musical theater experiences at the Summer Arts Festival!

Donations received as of our publication deadline of May 25, 2016. 


Patricia Wickham in memory of Henry Wickham


Chris and Sally Moore


Linda & Dave Foley
James Gianakopoulos, M.D.
Don Johnson
Laurie & Eddie Leventhal
Esther I. Manuel
Adrienne & Steve Oehlers
Tim Rowe


Andy & Cathy Bell
Linda L. Egger
Larry & Monica Hill
Kevin & Connie Koehler
Kevin & Marilyn Kreider
Don & Debbie LeMelle
Dr. Jim Miller
Cindy Needles
Dale & Visha Ritter
Mark & Cyndi Robertson
Marilyn & Ray Schneider
Rae Siders
Jagdish & Daljeet Singh


Bob & Peggy Agle
Mary Foster Allardyce
David & Dollie Allen
Rob Baker & Mary Jo Groves
Daniel M. & Sally J. Barksdale
Barbara Barth
Dave & Vangie Billing
Brad & Laura Boyer Family
Bill & Deanna Brougher
Susie Brougher
Vivian Carter
Amrit & Shashi Chadha
Tim & Cathy Coffelt
Pat Day
Dr. Michael & Ann DuVall
John & Carol Emerich
Cynthia Griffin
Pete & Sandy Hackett
Keith & Carol Harbaugh
Charlene M. Harkins
Dale & Vikki Hazelbaker
Joseph & Gretchen Herrman
Sally & David Howe
Ann & Bob Ingoldsby
Andrea Bremer LaMar
Nancy E. Mahoney & Dennis W. Latimer
Gary & Denise Molnar
Joe & Cecily Morrow
Dr. & Mrs. Kumar Mukerjee
Phyllis & Stan Nedelman
Caty & Dick Ortquist
Donna Peare
in Memory of Fred Peare
Drs. J. M. & Sally Abbott Pomputius
The Kenneth & Mary Rush
Charitable Trust
Dr. Jerry & Kay Shell
Shirley Cutler Tennant
Larry & Carol Todd
Jim & Punky Turner
Chet & Judy Walthall
Jim & Jodi Yeazell