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Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

PRO-Edison-2014-Portrait-A-300ppi-+cSilent Comedy Films with Live Orchestra and Original 1900s Scores!

(Read about Paragon Ragtime Orchestra in the Springfield News-Sun)

Early cinema is a vast world of entertainment waiting to be enjoyed, and nobody brings it back to life as grandly as the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, the world’s only year-round, professional ensemble re-creating “America’s Original Music” – the syncopated sounds of early musical theater, silent cinema, and vintage dance in this family-friendly evening of fun!

Audiences love silent movies, whether they are chortling at the comedic antics of Keaton and Chaplin or cheering for the swashbuckling stunts of Douglas Fairbanks. Join us at the John Legend Theater as conductor Rick Benjamin and the PRO present The Clown Princes – a trio of classic silent comedy films starring Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and Charlie Chaplin – all with authentic, original orchestral accompaniment performed live by the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra!

Buster Keaton: One Week (1921)
Harold Lloyd: Get Out and Get Under (1920)
Charlie Chaplin: Easy Street (1917)
All with authentic scores! 

Enjoy an evening of vintage American entertainment as it was heard a century ago, as the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra present The Clown Princes. 

“Listening to the full band perform the complete scores, written and timed to the action, proved to be a surprising delight…the band was nearly subliminal in its soft, well-modulated accompaniment to the screen performances…The audience chuckled along as much to the music as to the films.”  ~ The Washington Post

John Legend Theater at The Dome
700 S. Limestone St.
Springfield, OH
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